Health & Fitness Unlimited

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About Us

I am passionate about getting healthy and enjoy inspiring my clients to eat clean in order to be lean. Having strength is empowering, it increases your confidence and self-image. Everyone could use a dose of that.

Susana's mission is to provide real-life body transformations of her clients. See for yourself of the power that Health & Fitness Unlimited program can do for you!

As a family-owned business, Susana's hands-on experience in the fitness and wellness industry, acquiring her expertise as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor with the YMCA in New Jersey and also was a group fitness instructor with La Fitness in Northern Virginia. “I feel confident that my services will enable you to achieve your health goals and transform your life!”

TAILOR MADE JUST FOR YOU! “I’ll be your personal guide to eating right. You’ll receive continuous motivation and encouragement and this is what makes this the only program of its kind to offer genuine support every step of the way. Get off the diet roller coaster and start leading a healthy life today with the combination of fitness and nutrition!”

Learn about my custom designed fitness programs that help you achieve your goals.